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Electrical Repair

Electrical Repair

Whether you have a light switch that doesn’t come on, an outlet that won’t work, or an aging electrical panel, Swartz Green Electric can solve your problem. We locate the source of the problem to solve it quickly and efficiently. Don’t wait – seemingly small electrical problems can lead to whole-home issues.

When to Seek Professional Help

While it is tempting to wait it out and hope that the problem with your electrical system was a one-time incident, that might not always be the case.  It is in your best interest to schedule an electrical inspection as soon as you notice any of the issues listed below.

  • Electrical sparks — If there are strange noises coming from your outlets or switches or you see actual sparks coming from your wiring, switches, or outlets, you need an inspection right away.
  • Burning odors — Burning smells are often a sign of electrical corrosion, in which case, your wiring may need to be removed and replaced.
  • Flickering lights — If you have noticed that your lights seem to be dimming and brightening on their own, this could be a sign of a grounding issue
  • Unpleasant sounds —Any type of clicking, buzzing, or beeping sounds coming from your electrical system are not normal. These sounds are often a sign of an electrical short, which can lead to electrical fires if they are not repaired quickly
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Our same-day services can find the root cause and fix it fast so you can get back to living worry-free. Want our honest expert opinion? Call today to schedule your appointment.