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Whole Home Surge Protection

Whole Home Surge Protection

As our homes become increasingly dependent on electronic devices, protecting these devices from power surges has become more important than ever. At Swartz Green Electric, our whole-home surge protection systems are designed to provide comprehensive protection for your entire home, not just individual devices. Whole-home surge protection devices are designed to combat damage by reducing the voltage of the electricity that is distributed throughout your home to a safe level.

What Are Whole Home Surge Protectors?

Electrical surges are spikes in electricity that can enter your home through your electrical system and damage your electrical appliances. While many surges are caused by situations that occur outside of your home – such as grid fluctuations, lightning storms, or downed power lines – they can also be caused by larger appliances turning on and off within your home. Over time, these surges, which are quite common, can have a serious negative impact on your electrical appliances, causing damage and even premature failure.

Whole-home surge protection devices are designed to combat this problem by reducing the voltage of the electricity that is distributed throughout your home to a safe level. These devices are hardwired into your home’s electrical panel. They detect power surges and divert any extra electricity into ground wiring, effectively protecting your electronics – including computers, televisions, HVAC systems, refrigerators, and more – from damage.

When You Need Protection

Don’t wait until a power surge damages your valuable electronics. With Swartz Green Electric’s whole-home surge protection, you can protect the appliances and devices you rely on every day against power surges and other electrical hazards.

Whole-home surge protection is recommended for any home with an electrical system.  If your home experiences any of issues listed below, you should look into our whole-home surge protections services. Call Swartz Green Electric at (713) 884-1224 to schedule your installation.

  • Frequent power outages or tripped circuit breakers
  • Flickering lights
  • Lights that dim when appliances turn on
  • Electrical appliances that malfunction or fail frequently
  • Electronics that experience glitches or shorter lifespans
  • Visible damage to electrical outlets or appliances
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Contact Swartz Green Electric to schedule an in-home inspection

If you believe you are experiencing damaging power surges, contact us for an electrical inspection and consultation. From there, we’ll provide dependable next steps on how to solve your electrical issues.